Our experienced mobile technical and computer support services technicians will come to you, providing all-hours computer virus removal and technical support to your home or small business in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Is your computer unusually slow or unresponsive?
  • Have your friends complained that you’re sending them strange emails that you know you never sent?
  • Is your internet browser randomly opening advertisements or pop-up windows?
  • Is your computer behaving strangely, or in a way you haven’t seen before?
  • Is your computer showing you suspicious messages saying that your computer is “infected” and needs protection?
  • When you connect to the internet or even just turn on your computer, do programs or windows open that you never requested?
  • Are you unable to connect to the internet or is it very slow to load websites?

These are just some of the signs that your computer may be infected with a computer virus and should be assessed immediately by an experienced PC technician.  Our people will come to your home or business (in most cases, on the same day you call us) and remove any viruses, trojans, worms, malware or spyware that may be infecting your computer. We’ll also give your computer a complete health check and install and update anti-virus software free of charge. Our virus removal and PC health check is only $70, including free anti-virus software. We serve Melbourne’s inner suburbs and provide a fully onsite service – our people come to your home or business. Call out is completely free for Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs or only $10 everywhere else.

To book a technician today, simply send us an email or call us on 03 9005 5858 or 0408 224 406.

Our flat-rates are affordable, our service is fast and friendly, and if it can’t be fixed, you don’t pay a cent.